Shaintar Legends Awaken: Frost Guard

22nd Forest Dance 3127

Frost Guard Action Report 3

Frost Guard 2nd patrol made of Tearan Sylvani, Sean Mc Kimny, and Lorkin Deepwinter have been tasked with the protection of Sigla Mildwinter as they begin to reach out to some of the wanderer clans for alliances to form a better protective network against invaders into the Northern Tribes and manage to prevent an assassination attempt on the clan chief.

Sigla Mildwinter joined the 2nd patrol as a liaison in an attempt to reach out to one of the many wanderer clans among the Northern tribes well regarded for their strength of arms. Clan Wolfsong has a fall trading area close to the location of Nowhere’s Rest and it was determined to be a good opportunity for Frost Guard to exercise what amount of diplomatic skill it possessed to grow a number of allies with the hopes of improving their information network and reserves that might be willing to aid us in battle. The group did a very good job impressing other members of the clan while Sigla was engaged in direct negotiation with Trendamere Wolfsong, the clan’s chief. Three days into negotiations, the two were beset by a group of assassins later found to be in league with the Maelstrom mercenary organization which was handily spotted thanks to the good eyes of Tearan and Lorkin. The resulting conflict left one of clan wolfsong dead but Trendamere was impressed by the patrol’s fighting ability in that neither he nor Sigla were harmed or even had to join the fray to see a quick resolution and has agreed to a defensive pact with Frost Guard.


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