Shaintar Legends Awaken: Frost Guard

13th Forest Dance 3127

Frost Guard Action Report 2

Frost Guard 1st patrol made of Mfalme Kimba, Tearan Sylvani, Goram Skarskin, Kadious Baneson, and Vesna Rosaro have been tasked with investigating strange fires and camps inside the Western border of the Northern Tribes and discover something strange is afoot.

1st patrol is ordered By Sigla Mildwinter to investigate strange fires and camps inside the Western border and is dispatched from Nowhere’s Rest, the outpost serving as the headquarters of Frost Guard to the Southeast of Kar’Olnas at the border of the Olnvoid forest. The first day had the patrol encounter a patrol of ratzin which were headily routed by our patrol’s strength of arms. The second day to the investigation forced the patrol to march through an awful cold snap. The third day brought the patrol to a camp full of Kal warriors and a strange altar having been set up and tended to by acolytes. Tearan leapt artfully into action, going over the top of the altar to slay the lead acolyte while Kadious’ deft hand placed a throwing knife from several paces. This ended the acolytes’ ritual and saved the slaves they had been preparing to sacrifice to the Flame. Many of the brave souls have joined out cause and Frost guard swells to 50.


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